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Everything you ever wanted to know about the cannabis plant (plus hemp, weed & CBD oil).

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cannabis plant in pot

The Uncertain History of ‘Pot’

Pot: a word filled with connotations and clouded in mystery. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for decades, you’ll know that we’re talking about cannabis, but where did the term ‘pot’ actually comes from?

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Cannabis Cannabaceae Sativa Indica

Sativa & Indica – What’s The Difference?

Are you one of those people who had a negative early experience with cannabis which clouded your view of it thereafter? Or perhaps you found that sometimes it was enjoyable but at other times, not so much? You, my friend, may well have come under the influence of consuming the wrong strain…

What is Cannabis?

Ah, cannabis! Loved and feared in equal measure, there are few plants in the world which are so divisive. Whether you’re a cannabis newbie or a cannabis connoisseur, this article will give you a broad overview of the cannabis plant.

CBD: Is it Eco Friendly?

CBD is a blessing for all kinds of ailments. But what about the environment? Is it helping mother nature or just making it worse?

Australian flag cannabis hemp oil

CBD Oil in Australia – Where To Buy

When we set out to buy the best CBD Oil in Australia, we found a lot of people selling fake “hemp oil” and “cannabis oil”. But then, in the course of our research, something very interesting happened…

Cannabis Hemp Seeds Australia

GYO Cannabis Guide – How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Now that it’s legal to GYO (grow your own) in Canberra, Green Planet can legally share information on how to buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Find out about seedbanks, the best seeds to choose for your needs, how to buy securely online and more.

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