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GYO Cannabis Guide – How To Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Now that it’s legal to GYO (grow your own) in Canberra, Green Planet can legally share information on how to buy cannabis seeds in Australia. Find out about seedbanks, the best seeds to choose for your needs, how to buy securely online and more.
Cannabis Hemp Seeds Australia

*MAY 2022 UPDATE* – life is complicated in this pandemic world, so we’ve struggled to keep this updated! THE GOOD NEWS is that the legends from Weed Seeds Express sent us a bunch of free seeds to test! So, first we got a test delivery to Australia (it worked and was VERY fast) and then we got our girl overseas (who we sent them to) to grow them herself. She had a 100% germination rate (7 seedlings from 7 seeds) which is incredibly good, and what’s more, now that she’s harvested and cured the buds (Acapulco Gold if you must know), she reports that they are A1 primo weed! So, considering comments like the one Mike from below saying “None of the above links will post to Australia 🤦‍♂️“, we can assure you that we have trialled Weed Seeds Express, they arrive quickly, they germinate well, and they grow beautifully – resulting in gorgeous buds. 

Yep, we’re going there – cannabis is now decriminalised in the Australian Capital Territory and it’s about time all you ACT-ers started growing your own. But how do you get cannabis seeds? Just this week we received a message on the topic:

IF I was to grow my own high CBD Hemp for anxiety and depression what type of plant am I looking to buy. I read about feminised auto blah blah seeds on the interweb I dont want skunk etc I’d like to source hemp plants. And love the logo BTW when does the Tee shirt hit the market 🙂

– Gibbo

First of all Gibbo, may we take a moment to appreciate your impeccable taste.

Secondly, thank you for framing this discussion in a sensible light.

Mate, you’re in the same boat as many Australians – hungry for information on cannabis and keen to treat health concerns with a natural approach that doesn’t line the pockets of shady drug dealers or unscrupulous multinational pharma corporations. Let’s dive in.

Marijuana Seeds, Hemp Seeds or Cannabis Seeds?

The first thing to talk about is classification – for all intents and purposes, at the highest level (pun definitely intended) these are all the same. Legally speaking, it depends on the level of THC. Regardless of whether you’re after “cannabis seeds” or “marijuana seeds” in Australia, you’re looking for the same thing. There’s no difference, other than “marijuana” being a term invented to turn people against cannabis. If you’re looking for hemp seeds, it’s the same thing again, except that hemp is defined as having less than 0.1%-0.5% THC in the seeds or leaves. It differs from state to state, so check your local regulations here.

What type of cannabis seeds should I buy?

As Gibbo pointed out, there are tons of options around which particular seeds you should buy, and it can be confusing for novice growers. We’ll get deep into this another time, but for now our best option is to help you learn how to research different strains. An excellent place to start is Leafly, where you’ll find data on the CBD & THC content of different strains alongside lots of other useful info. A quick search shows us that two suitable beginner strains would be Ringo’s Gift or ACDC – we’re obviously going to go with the second of the two, given our geographic bias.   

Growing weed is super easy – it’s called “weed” because it grows like one – but there are a few things to keep in mind. Let’s assume you want to start simple and dip your toes in. You’re not going to be doing something really involved with hydroponics, grow lights or complex nutrient systems. All you’re going to do is buy some seeds and plant them in a pot in your back garden. You could even grow them on your windowsill and transplant them to a secluded wild spot outside if you have no private garden space. They will take 4-to-8 months to grow, depending on where you’re based and the type of seeds you buy. The best time to plant cannabis seeds in Australia is August or September (the further north, the earlier you can plant – it’s all about temperature), with harvest happening up to April / May (depending on how the season went).

The most complicated thing you’ll have to do is separate the male plants from the female ones, which happens a couple of months into your grow. This is because female plants produce those beautiful flowers which contain all the good stuff (cannabinoids) while male plants prevent the ladies from growing flowers, pollinating them so that they put their energy into growing seeds instead. Pretty much exactly how young human fellas try to distract young human ladies from tending their own gardens. You want to get rid of the young fellas so that they leave the women alone to get on with the important business of growing beautiful cannabis flowers. You don’t need to worry about auto-flowering seeds – this is only really important for indoor hydroponic grows, which is nothing you can do legally here in Australia right now, so we’ll leave that alone for a future article.  

Doing this wrong can (and has) ruined many a healthy crop, so for that reason we would recommend buying feminised seeds while you’re still a beginner.

Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Marijuana seeds, seedlings and flowers

It’s easy to buy weed seeds in Australia. A reputable seed bank is the most important thing to find, and there are lots of them. While you can just do a Google search, it’s a bit freaky to simply choose one and go with it – that’s why your mates at Green Planet have done the hard yards so that you can find out the safest way to buy cannabis seeds in Australia.  

Obviously we would never break the law ourselves or advocate
for you doing so, which is why we got our friends in Canberra to go through
this process and report back to us (sunglasses emoji not required).

We tried two resources: GYO Seedbank* and I Love Growing Marijuana**. The first one we tried as it comes first in a Google search, and the second one we tried because they have excellent free growing guides available online*. Both of them resulted in successful delivery, and neither of them showed up looking suspect in our friend’s bank account. What happened is that they were sent in an unmarked envelope, with no reference to the contents, the purchaser or the seller. So far, so good. In the case of ILGM, they were sent from overseas. With GYO Seeds, they were sent from within Australia. Both sets of seeds were good quality, with an 80%+ germination rate (100% germination doesn’t really happen; 80% is a good success rate). They’re now growing and they look like they’re supposed to.

*Updated Jan 2021 – thank you to Lou for your comment below bringing to our attention that GYO Seedbank has sold its URL to an overseas company. We have removed the link and are currently working on a follow-up article to hekp you find the best legit locally produced seeds. In the meantime, we can recommend The Seed Factory who we know are Aussie grown, owned and sent.

**please note that we have not been paid or sponsored to say this – Green Planet is a non-partisan resource and we have selected these two companies purely on the basis of their website quality and the surface-level trustworthiness of their online marketing  

Which seeds to buy online?

Let’s go back to Gibbo’s original question – what type of
plant am I looking to buy if I want high CBD Hemp for anxiety and depression? Well,
let’s consider the two strains we looked at above – ACDC and Ringo’s Gift.

A quick search shows that ILGM doesn’t stock either of these. Let’s check GYO Seedbank – no luck.

So what do we do? Two choices – find them elsewhere (with another Google search) or choose another strain (go back to Leafly for further research).

Let’s try Google – “buy ACDC seeds australia” – nothing. Search again – “buy ACDC seeds” ­– now we get a few hits. The first few search results are out-of-stock, until we get to Seeds Bay. They stock five feminised ACDC seeds priced at just under $100, including free shipping to Australia. They offer various payment options:

  • Australian bank wire transfer (“Easily
    transfer your payment to our international bankaccount and we will receive your
    payment within one to three business days.”)
  • Cash payment (“Send us cash safely and
    anonymous by post.”)
  • Crypto payment (“Fast and anonymous payment
    with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, eth, ltc and more.”)   

This feels a little bit dodgy and I’m not sure how much I trust it, but the odds are good – the site is secure. You can easily check this yourself – if the URL address begins with “https” it’s secure; if it begins with “http” it’s not.

We go with option 1: Australian bank wire transfer. The site confirms the order and tells us that “The amount of your order is 98.34 AUD which has to be transferred to our bank account to complete your order”, and it gives us the details of a bank account to transfer the money to. We’re not going to transfer the money; it’s not legal for us here in Victoria, but if any of our readers in ACT go ahead, do let us know how it went.  

For research purposes, we also did a search for “buy Ringo’s
gift seeds”, which brought us to another site which only takes Bitcoin. Once
again, you have a choice to make – do you trust the site?

Before We G(r)o(w)…

Child with cannabis leaf

We remind you that this information is here for research purposes only (unless you live in the ACT, in which case, blaze on). If you decide to break the law, that is your personal choice. If you do so to profit from this plant, that is on your conscience. If you do so to help yourself or a loved one receive the medication needed, good on you – but you may still be breaking the law. You’re unlikely to be caught, but if you are – make sure you know what you’re going to tell the coppers.

Think through the consequences of your actions – if you feel personal or family circumstances provide you with a mandate to grow your own, you may have a platform as a cannabis advocate or activist which will allow you to challenge a court of law.

Growing to get high is one thing – growing to save or improve a life is quite another. Good luck – we salute you.

Have further questions? Let us know in the comments!

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February 25, 2020 11:35 am

Awesome article! I’ve been wondering about all this stuff, thanks Green Planet (and Gibbo!)

Mr Green
Mr Green
March 6, 2020 12:59 pm


Just a short, but important point. In the article, you say “cannabis is now decriminalised in the Australian Capital Territory”. It has been somewhat decriminalised for years. The recent change is that possession and growing are now legal to a limited extent. The distinction between decriminalisation and legalisation is very important. Legalisation means that something is allowed; decriminalisation means that although something is not allowed, it is not a criminal offence.


November 28, 2020 5:39 pm

Thank you for creating this information, my wife and I are looking forward to the day that we can create a farm for retail business, like what is happening in America. I have created so many acronyms for all the departments that will be required to assure that the quality of product is exactly what is says on the box. That I am am sure will be taken care of those who are interested in such things. For myself I would like to grow for myself because of the significant benefits Marijuana Sativa has not only on my anxiety, though… Read more »

January 19, 2021 1:30 pm

I clicked on the GYO link and was sent to a USA site with a different name! What’s the deal?

Michael J Creighton
Michael J Creighton
October 31, 2021 7:47 pm

None of the above links will post to Australia 🤦‍♂️