Our Story

Green Planet exists to promote transparency, sustainability and equality in the cannabis industry.

Launched in 2019 by Cormac Sheehan (Director of Purpose Communications & Co-Founder of The Cannabis Co), Green Planet was created to educate people about cannabis and advocate for a fair industry. You can learn more about our mission and intention in these articles from Business InsiderSmart Company and Urban List

Cormac departed The Cannabis Co in October 2019 due to irresolvable differences around ethics / strategic direction. He did so to focus his efforts on growing and promoting the current and future industry around the cannabis plant due to its potential for creating a better future for our planet and its people, a potential that involves almost infinite opportunities for positive change.  This required a more inclusive, transparent and non-partisan platform than otherwise existed; Green Planet was launched to bring knowledge, insight and opportunity to those who wish to get involved in the industry, be that as consumer, creator or observer.

View the above video to learn about the cannabis industry, Cormac’s personal journey in growing Australia’s #1 Cannabis Lifestyle Brand and insights into quickly building cannabis brands and products that go viral. Learn about the “trojan horse” strategy and figure out how to apply it to your own project, product or organisation alongside a wider overview of opportunities in the hemp & cannabis industry, presented alongside data telling the story of Australia’s cannabis consumers. Includes a cannabis Q&A section in which Pause Fest 2020 audience members ask anything and everything about the Australian, North American and global cannabis industry. 

Click here for a free download of the industry whitepaper “Why Cannabis? – How & Why You Should Enter the Australian Cannabis Industry”.  

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